All Year round Indoor & Outdoor Community Cricket Hubs – S.T.R.E.E.T.S Programme: 

An introduction to the world of work and its requirements is delivered through partners innovative solutions. Interviewing/CV writing/work experience/job searching.


Using Sport to implement UN Sustainable Development Goals – 1,2, 5, 7, 13  

Work Hubs are created in the region for development of youth to service the needs of the local job market.  These hubs can be located in educational institutions or local business premises. 

Work experience and pre-employment activity 

When done well, work experience and pre-employment activity can form an integral part of an organisation’s workforce supply strategy, helping people of all ages and backgrounds understand the world of work and make decisions about their education and career and acting as a feeder into apprenticeships, pre-registration courses or broader employment. 

Work experience can help an individual l earn more about a desired career, gaining valuable practical knowledge. It can also help an individual develop aspirations for previously unconsidered career options. It is a requirement for some professions and higher education courses and can take many forms. 

Preparation for work programmes.  

A crash course is delivered face to face or online.  The key skills focused on are as follows: 

  1. Life skills 
  2. Communication Skills, 
  3. Business Development Skills 
  4. Career & Employability Skills