All Year round Indoor & Outdoor Community Cricket Hubs – S.T.R.E.E.T.S Programme:

Related to developing aspects of employability. This is used to provide a sense of direction and focus on the goals of employability and employment.

Using Sport to implement UN Sustainable Development Goals – 1,2, 5, 7, 13

To overcome some of the issues highlighted by our monitoring and evaluation team an eight-week programme was developed to educate and enlighten the participants about the dangers of drugs, gangs, knife/ gun crime, fighting, sexual exploitation, forced labour and domestic servitude too.   In addition, the participants are taught the principles of martial arts, cricket, hard work, discipline, respect, and how to harness their frustrations positively. It also works on psychological development, including managing anger and stress in high-pressure situations. 

On initiation, they had had numerous episodes of violence and altercations with the law; however, the Combat Cricket strategy taught not only how to develop their cricket skills and MMA techniques but also enlightened them on anger management, discipline and respect.  Resulting, in them now using their energy positively and have thus become more respectable members of society.  

Combat Cricket Impact Report – BBC Sport Coverage: Combat Cricket

“If I wasn’t here right now [at the Combat Cricket session] I would be, I don’t know in town walking around some like a lost guy, but I have now so much patience and so much self-control that if someone said something to me I would be calmDanial Haider, refugee and participant at Combat Cricket in Luton.

“It’s been wonderful for me as High Sheriff of Bedfordshire the work that’s going on here [in Storm Gym] to see lads from different diverse ethnic backgrounds using cricket and combat in conjunction with each other to improve a range of skills. I think is fantastic and that hopefully it can be rolled out to other parts of Luton and beyond” Meryl Dolling, High Sheriff of Bedfordshire. 

Impact Report for Combat Cricket 2019.

For systematic monitoring and evaluation (M&E), the Wicketz Luton programme used a software called Upshot which was and is currently used to disseminate information gathered by the coaches.

Participants PRE programme 

  • 80% said they were sometimes physically aggressive
  • 70% of them had had at least one fight within the last 8 weeks 

Participants POST programme 

  • 100% noticed a change in their discipline and self-control 
  • 100% said they refrained from fighting and they think before they act

What we see post programme in the Participants?

improved ability to cope under stress 

  • more measured and in control – positively harnessing anger and frustration
  • no longer physically violent in disagreements or verbal confrontations 
  • growing in self-confidence
  • more positive and respectful interactions with others 
  • better outcomes for themselves in employment or academia 

The pandemic has delayed rolling this out to schools in Luton but will recommence when possible.  Nonetheless, Combat Cricket has received accolades from the media, community and the wider police force.  

“It has been wonderful for me as High Sheriff Bedfordshire to see the work going on here in storm gym and to see lads from diverse ethnic groups using cricket and combat in conjunction with each other to improve a range of skills.  The project I think is fantastic and hopefully it can be rolled out to other parts of Luton and beyond”

Merryl Dolling, High Sheriff Bedfordshire (2019)