Community Ownership – Lutonians Cricket Club

Wicketz have lobbied and raised in excess of £100,000 from ECB to secure a new NTP and secured a two-lane net facility that has been installed in May 2020.

The Club now have U9, U11, U13, U15 & U19 and considering they only had one team before Wicketz they now have a tremendous record not only in participation but in winning the leagues too. We have been able to attract more than 56 participants each week in the “Lutonian CC Hub” and have generated many volunteers and parents that help and support with the running of the session. As the popularity of this hub increases the profile of the club has increased too and this popularity and success has supported in the result in that the club has been given a temporary lease of 3 years with the opportunity of extending to 25 years soon.

A community asset transfer for a 25-year lease is at the final stages.

Luton Muslim Community

Lutonians Sustainable Social Enterprise

Other than membership fees, traditional cricket clubs in the UK maintain the costs of running them by serving members alcohol and by hosting events. Unlike their counterparts, Muslims are restricted by their faith to sell alcohol as it is prohibited. In order for the Club to become sustainable they needed facilities that will increase their membership base as well as generate more revenue. Furthermore, these cricket nets can be rented out by the club to increase revenue. An application has been made that will allow the club to also utilise the land by organising events in a marquee. In order to create a unique area of revenue generation their fencing on the main road has been used and during COVID alone has generated in excess of £2000 for the benefit of the club.