Luton Caribbeans CC

  • Wicketz has helped to transform the club.
  • Wicketz has to date upskilled three Level 2 coaches, 2 coach support workers.
  • Wicketz has provided the club with players that have formed their Saturday and Sunday teams
  • Caribbeans have the most ethnically diverse team in Luton as Wicketz have provided them with Indian Sikh, Indian Hindu, Bengali, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Afghani, Caribbean and English players.
  • Wicketz imported players from all over Luton to form Luton Caribbean’s first youth team that entered the Bedfordshire youth league in 2019.
  • The U13 development team went on to the county finals and lost in the finals. This was a 100% Wicketz team
  • The Caribbeans CC have provided a pathway for our Afghan refugee players and given a platform for them to play competitively. One of which was their young player of the year with the highest runs scored in the league (Osman Khan)
  • Wicketz lobbied and has to date secured an NTP for their home ground and has submitted an application for a mobile net facility for the club.

  • Wicketz has supported the club by providing cricket equipment too.
  • From coach development to support with a youth team they have worked closely with the club in their development. Caribbean CC youth team is the most diverse team in the region with players from Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Afghani and English backgrounds.  This is no doubt something to be celebrated and an excellent example of a sport like cricket and the impact it has on social integration and co-existence.
  • However, a pressing concern is the lack of Caribbean youth playing for their team. A factor that has impacted the low enrolment of Caribbean youth to the game of cricket is lack of cricketing facilities and grounds in the areas their community live.  It is for this reason, that the Caribbean Cricket resurgence will only happen when they have a fixed abode to develop from.

Bedfordshire County Age Groups & Local leagues

Players transitioning on to county: 16 players have been selected by Bedfordshire CAG from the Luton Wicketz programme. That would be much higher if the County training sessions were more localised than in Bedford. We have representation of players from Wicketz in the Hatters League, Midweek league, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire leagues, Lutonians CC, LTICC & Caribbean CC. These teams and have not only taken our junior players but also taking our older teenagers too.

Below are all of the Wicketz participants who are currently representing Bedfordshire County: